Saturday, September 15, 2012

Splashed White-Dipped in Paint (sometimes!)

Splash White (SPL) is also one of the patterning genes that has not been located. However, lots of research has been done by myself and others into researching splash families, splash production records, and even the pattern itself. What this research has shown, is that Splash White is an incomplete dominant gene. What this means, is that, like cream, you will get a different level of expression when a horses is heterozygous and homozygous. The heterozygous horses with be minimal. Sometimes not more than a stripe and sock. Other times a large blaze and four stockings. The homozygous horses will be loud, and they are the ones that nearly everyone can look at and recognize as Splash White.

Many people have asked me how I recognize a splash white in minimal form. The answer to that is somewhat complicated. Sometimes in minimal form Splash White looks very similar to Sabino, but often there are a few key differences. In Splash Whites you will very often see face white that is bottom heavy. It will have more white towards the bottom of the face than the top. This is Dunbars Gold owned by Carole Dunbar. He is a minimal Splash White and in this head shot you can clearly see his bottom heavy face white.
Another tell tale splash sign in a minimal Splash White is a blue eye. Splash and frame are the only two patterning genes that cause blue eyes. So, if your horse has a blue eye and is negative for frame (and is not any color such as a Double Dilute that causes blue eyes) you can safely assume that your horse carries Splash White. This is Nistar Blazing Indigo who is owned by Nistar Welsh Ponies. He is a louder Splash White and you can clearly see his bottom heavy face white, and his blue eye.

Another common Splashed White trait is face white that falls of the side of the face. This means that instead of a blaze falling down the center of the face, it's off center, even to the point of only one side of the face having white on it. This type of movement is also seen sometimes in the body white of loud homozygous Splash Whites. This is The Promise Sioux Two Sides owned by The Promise Welsh. You can see how the white falls off of her both on her face white, and her body white.

Another fairly common thing in minimal Splash Whites, is flat or smooth topped socks or stockings. This is Hollywoods Smokinbabe owned by Randy Watson. You can see the very smooth edged and flat topped stockings that are one of Splash Whites trademarks.

The last three things that are so common in louder Splash Whites are a bald face/head, a white dipped tail, and body white that makes it look like the horse was dipped in paint. Here are a few examples of all of those things.This is Dandardel Heula's Barbara from The Promise Welsh.

This is Colonels Smoking Gun owned by McQuay Stables.

And this is possibly one of the most well known splashes Gambling Man.

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